LionEdge Nutrition™ is committed and dedicated to the principles of innovation, research, transparency and quality. As advocates of healthy lifestyles, our dedicated medical team strives to produce distinctive, affordable, premium-quality products – with Post-Edge™ igniting the beginning of a much needed supplement revolution. LionEdge Nutrition’s unwavering commitment to innovation and research along with our unmatched standards for safety and quality, drive our vision to become the most trusted and respected sports nutrition company in the world.

Sadly, one out of three Americans suffer from obesity, which significantly increases one’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart disease, gastro-esophageal reflux disease (heartburn), obstructive sleep apnea, infertility, asthma, depression, gallstones, fatty liver disease, osteoarthritis, stroke, and a variety of forms of cancer, among other diseases. As a licensed, board certified, practicing Family Medicine Physician, I see this on a daily basis and stress the importance of preventative medicine as much as possible through advocating a healthy diet, adequate exercise and proper supplementation. These measures significantly improve one’s overall health, longevity, and psychological well-being. Accordingly, LionEdge Nutrition™ commends you on improving and/or maintaining your health!

To Healthy Training,

Dr. Adam Rajouhl, MD


All of the ingredients utilized by LionEdge Nutrition™ are carefully and clinically dosed to work synergistically together, down to the cellular level. Our chemists and quality assurance professionals ensure all ingredients are precisely measured, blended, tested and packaged. Every finished product is again submitted for rigorous quality control and procedures prior to being released to inventory, ensuring maximal quality and safety of every unit sold.

LionEdge Nutrition™ supplements are proudly manufactured in the renowned All American Pharmaceutical, a state-of-the-art U.S based, 150,000 square foot research and GMP certified & FDA-registered manufacturing facility which has continually adhered to all FDA regulations for over 30 years. Most supplement companies withhold where their supplements are manufactured, but at LionEdge Nutrition™ we are completely transparent with our consumers and will only manufacture with the best in the industry. All raw materials are verified and tested for identity, potency, heavy metals, and microbials through random in-house and independent laboratory testing, confirming the safety, purity and potency of every ingredient utilized. An independent lab fully screens our product for banned substances down to parts-per-trillion. We demand all products fall within 2% of label claims, compared to the industry standard of 5-10%.