Total Solution Stack

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Post Edge

Includes: BCAA Edge, Casein Edge, Post Edge, Inflammation Rx

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Exceed your fitness goals with the most safe, effective and trusted sports nutrition supplements from our bioavailable protein powders to our vegan aminos and prescription grade anti-inflammatory! Start your fitness transformation TODAY and BE THE LION!

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Raspberry Rose, Sour Mango Peach Rings, Wild Cherry Cola

Post Edge


2.2 lbs


Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Blueberry Muffin Ice Cream

29 reviews for Total Solution Stack

  1. Avatar

    Jay W

    Great quality and flavoring and no bs propriety blends. Now a repeat customer

  2. Avatar

    Ronnie W

    Lost just under 15 pounds (all fat) and put on some legit muscle. Even Increased my max bench and squat by a good amount! These supps are the real deal and they taste amazing. Gotta Customer for life!

  3. Avatar

    Vince E

    Great products and value.

  4. Avatar

    Kenny W

    I’ve been a certified trainer for decades and know superior products. I’ve gotten awesome results with LionEdge and so have my clients. Premium and fully disclosed ingredients with phenomenal flavors. Great value!!

  5. Avatar

    Alex M

    Third time ordering from these guys. Superior products and fantastic customer service! Will continue to use and recommend

  6. Avatar

    Sarah J

    Well worth the money. Products all mixed and tasted great and I feel much better before and after my workouts since starting!

  7. Avatar

    Will T

    Great quality and flavors! Highly recommend!

  8. Avatar

    Ben F

    My new favorite supplement company. Amazing supps and value and they even threw in some extra free goodies! Will continue to use LionEdge and hoping for more products and flavors!

  9. Avatar

    Jen L

    Fantastic products and even better customer service. Happy to have heard about this company from a friend of mine who also had great results!

  10. Avatar

    Colton Y

    Great supps, casein was a little too thick for my taste but really liked everything else

  11. Avatar

    Trevor K

    Second time purchasing so I could try all the flavors. No longer using any other supplements other than a pre workout since starting LionEdge. Fantastic supps and flavors, will continue using!

  12. Avatar

    Sean F

    Top notch quality and flavors. Loved all the supplements really but my favorites would have to be the peach rings Bcaa and strawberry casein!!

  13. Avatar

    Nancy P

    Great tasting and no digestion issues. 5 stars!

  14. Avatar

    Vinny H

    Second time ordering the stack. Got to try all the flavors now and all of them are phenomenal. Fantastic products!

  15. Avatar

    Max L

    Very happy with my purchase!! Amazing flavors and results! I drink the bcaas daily

  16. Avatar

    Jeff W

    Best supps I’ve ever tried! Top notch quality and taste with no short cuts. Highly recommend and will continue to use!

  17. Avatar

    Tim L

    Phenomenal taste and quality. Improved my recovery and everything digested well with no bloating. Have already recommended to friends and family.

  18. Avatar

    Luke J

    Just bought my second total solution stack. Was very impressed with the quality, transparency and flavors. I tried the blueberry muffin post edge and peach rings bcaa and I loved both. The strawberry shortcake ice cream casein was my favorite, tasted like heaven…

  19. Avatar

    Jess M

    Very happy with the results I achieved with the total solution stack. The flavors are fantastic! Top notch supps and I recommend them to my clients that I train!

  20. Avatar

    Aaron P

    Amazing products and I’ve tried many! Not only did they taste and mix great, ive shed some fat and made some legit strength gains. Addicted to the cherry cola bcaas!

  21. Avatar

    Mark J

    Heard about this company from a couple guys in my gym so finally decided to try. Great taste and even better results! Worth every penny.

  22. Avatar

    Kayla T

    Just got through my second stack and got to try all the flavors. I loved them all! My favorites were the peach mango rings bcaa and blueberry muffin post edge. Made some good gains in the gym and faster recovery. Highly recommend!

  23. Avatar

    Josh W

    It’s true, you get what you pay for. Always confident in what I’m putting in my body with these products. And they taste great!

  24. Avatar

    Lindsey W

    I’ve tried a lot of supps through the years and LionEdge supplements have been the best quality that I’ve tried so far..

  25. Avatar

    David M

    Amazing stack! Lionedge products definitely deliver! Love the science and transparency behind this company

  26. Avatar

    Kyle C

    LIONEDGE supps are the real deal! Not only do they taste great, They actually work! These need to be in vitamin shops pronto

  27. Avatar

    Chris W

    Just finished my total solution stack and I must say, hands down the best supplements I’ve ever had!! I’ve already purchased my second stack in different flavors and can’t wait to try them!

  28. Avatar

    Ben H

    A buddy of mine spoke highly of these products so I decided to try the total solution stack. Quality ingredients and products! The fruit pieces in the post edge and casein edge is freakin amazing! The cherry cola bcaa is probably the best amino I’ve tasted and I’ve tried them all! I’ll be purchasing more as soon as I run out!

  29. Avatar


    I am in love with these products. I feel safe taking knowing they are informed sport certified, and I won’t fail my drug test for sports. My favorite flavor is definitely the cherry cola BCAA, and the Blueberry Post Edge, The casein powder is legit too, I like the strawberry chunks inside it. I have not taken the pills yet, but I might if I get any pain, or give them to my grandma. Chocolate post edge was good although I’m not really the chocolate guy, and the peach mango rings I have not tried yet.

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Did you know that over 75% of your immune system is in your gut? This formula will help optimize your body’s immunity and total wellness from the inside out by promoting smooth, optimal daily digestion and efficient nutrition absorption.



INFLAMMATION Rx is fortified with vitamin C and zinc to help prevent sickness, reduce the severity of illness and to help promote recuperation. While there are countless immune boosters on the market,  vitamin C and zinc are the most supported by research and are even used in treatment for coronavirus patients in many hospitals nationwide. You will also have a natural boost in antioxidants to fight free radicals and detoxification to help strengthen you immune function.


Total solution stack reviews

  • Avatar

    Vince E

    Great products and value.

  • Avatar

    Ronnie W

    Lost just under 15 pounds (all fat) and put on some legit muscle. Even Increased my max bench and squat by a good amount! These supps are the real deal and they taste amazing. Gotta Customer for life!

  • Avatar

    Jay W

    Great quality and flavoring and no bs propriety blends. Now a repeat customer

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