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Various recent studies and case reports have shown that tested supplements contain minimal or even no active ingredients with added harmful fillers. One recent case report showed that only 4% of supplements tested showed DNA from the plants tested on their labels. Stop putting unknown and harmful chemicals in your body!

LionEdge Nutrition® is founded and owned by physicians and our formulations are overseen by over 10 practicing, board-certified physicians. LionEdge Nutrition’s unwavering commitment to innovation and research, along with our unmatched standards for safety and quality, drive our vision to become the most trusted and respected global leaders in nutritional science.

The Common Trends To Look Out for In Supplements


Explore who actually OWNS and/or FORMULATES your supplements. There is a very high likelihood this person(s) has minimal or even NO QUALIFICATIONS to be producing any supplements. If companies endorse "scientist” or “physician" formulated supplements, see if their names are ACTUALLY listed on their website. Unfortunately, most supplements being sold are produced by individuals (athletes, authors, bodybuilders, businessmen, fitness trainers, etc) who have minimal or even no knowledge in biochemistry, molecular biology, biostatistics, physiology, and pharmacology, giving them virtually no qualifications for producing any nutritional supplements. Reading a couple books or research articles makes you far from an expert. Would you let a computer programmer service your vehicle? Of course not. You would take it to a qualified mechanic. Shouldn’t you give your body and health the same importance? Do not give your hard-earned cash and hours in the gym to individuals that are far from qualified to make anything that you should ingest. Stop sacrificing your gains and potentially, your health!


Since nutritional supplements do not need approval from the FDA to initiate sales, many supplement companies get away with numerous illegitimate acts that would result in countless lawsuits if the FDA inspected their products in the same manner as physician prescribed medications. As a result, the supplement industry is awash with:

  • Pseudoscience/false advertising
  • Underdosing of key ingredients
  • Dangerous fillers labeled as "proprietary blends"
  • Protein powders filled with low-grade whey protein strands
  • Incomplete amino profiles
  • Additives processed by non-pharmaceutical grade facilities

LionEdge Nutrition’s products are properly dosed based on numerous scientific studies on how to drive maximum strength, stamina, muscle growth and recovery.


Explore which company MANUFACTURERS your supplements and if that manufacturing company has or is currently facing any lawsuits. Supplement companies manufacturing their own products in house is not necessarily a good thing and possibly DANGEROUS. Very FEW manufacturers actually follow FDA/NSA/GMP regulations. It took LionEdge Nutrition™ OVER 3 YEARS to find an honest and dependable manufacturing company which:

  • a) Hasn't or isn't currently facing a lawsuit
  • b) Has a respectful, upstanding and established reputation
  • c) Was willing to formulate our products to our specifications without adding any fillers or shortcuts to increase profit margins
  • d) Fully follow FDA/NSA/GMP regulations


A common game being played by various companies in the supplement industry is conducting their own “studies in a university” making false, scientifically impossible claims in hopes of increasing sales. Any prescribed medication has to go through numerous meta-analysis studies/trials before reaching the market for patient use. Unfortunately, most studies you see on supplement bottles are funded by that same company. Question the credibility of any study that is funded by the same company selling that particular product. Anytime you see a bogus claim of a product increasing muscle, strength, protein synthesis, etc by 100, 200, 400 or whatever other %, this should raise a red flag. As a licensed physician, LionEdge Nutrition’s CEO could have easily conducted numerous MEDICAL studies to leverage more sales by conducting a “university study” in his basement like many other sports nutrition companies. Forget about the fact that this would risk his medical license and reputation. But wouldn’t it be easier to just formulate a premium-quality, affordable product that consumers (including himself) can safely take?


Most sports nutrition companies separate out all of the necessary bodybuilding supplements into different products in order to force you, the dedicated athlete, to buy more. You could go ahead and purchase a $45 tub of under dosed, low quality, proprietary creatine complex loaded with unnecessary fillers. Or you could buy a premium-quality, clinically dosed creatine product, which is just one of 20+ properly dosed ingredients utilized in LionEdge Nutrition’s all-in-one post workout formula, Post-Edge™.


“Multi-phase complexes/blends” have become a common marketing tactic in protein (and now creatine) powders, where companies include minimal amounts of quality protein or creatine and load it with cheap concentrates or junk fillers to cut costs. For example, you could buy a 20g Whey Isolate Complex. This means that 19g of this product could be loaded with cheap, low-grade protein concentrates/ junk fillers and only 1g is Whey Isolate! Be sure to check the nutrition label to see if the exact grams are listed. If they are not included, it is safe to assume that the amount isolate or hydrosylate used is minimal. Otherwise, the companies would be proud to list the actual dosages.  This is a great marketing strategy for these supplement companies since they kill two birds with one stone. By labeling it a “complete multi-phase protein blend” product, they will attract more consumers. By using minimal amounts of quality protein, they cut costs drastically. The Net Result: more sales, less costs. DO NOT FALL for this trick! This same marketing gimmick is being done for creatine. Many companies are now selling creatine complexes with 5-10 different types/forms of creatine. This should be as insulting to the consumer as it is to us. If you have a urinary tract infection or a skin infection, does your physician give you 6 different antibiotics? Of course not! He/she will give you the one antibiotic that works. If one creatine has been proven to be more superior than other forms, why do companies sell products that have 6 or 7 different creatines? It is the same reasoning as the protein tactic above. These shameful companies are selling the concept that “more is better” and cut corners by using minimal amounts of quality creatine and load it with the cheaper forms to increase profit returns.