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Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream

Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 34.5 grams (1 slightly heaping scoop) Servings Per Container: 21
  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 130  
Total Fat 0.7g 1%**
Saturated Fat 0.5g 3%
Cholesterol 15mg 5%
Sodium 55mg 2%
Total Carbohydrates 4.5g 2%**
Dietary Fiber 0g 0%
Total Sugars 1g
Includes 0g Added Sugars   0%
Protein 24g 48%**
Vitamin D 0mcg 0%
Calcium 745mg 57%
Iron 0mg 0%
Potassium 80mg 2%
Micellar Casein 30g
Velositol™ (Amylopectin/Chromium Complex) 2000 mg

**Percent Daily Values are based on 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. ✝ Daily Value Not Established

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Micellar Casein, Velositolnatural and artificial flavors, strawberries, silicon dioxide, sucralose, xanthan gum, and sodium chloride.

Product Label

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Casein Edge Product Label

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78 reviews for Casein Edge

  1. Cassandra F

    I literally order every month! Aside from being delicious and tasting like strawberry ice cream, it’s easy on the stomach and suppresses my appetite, especially my sweet tooth! I’ve ditched all stimulants thanks to Casein Edge since it continues to help me achieve my weight loss goals!

  2. Gavin L

    I’ve always wanted a good strawberry protein since they are hard to find and most taste artificial. This one however is super yummy and creamy and the first protein powder I’ve ever had or seen with freeze dried strawberries 10/10 hands down

  3. Patrick S

    Flavor is amazing! Reminds me of strawberry nesquick but with strawberry inclusions. I drink Casein Edge first thing in the AM and again before bed. I’m hooked!!

  4. Stephanie B

    Along with diet and exercise, I was able to lose over 15 lbs with Casein Edge! Tastes much better than the slim fast shakes and did also did a better job keeping me full and reducing my appetite. I’ve referred to a few of my friends and they also loved it and achieved similar results.

  5. Yvette D

    Taste is delicious and the consistency is nice and cream, not watery.

  6. Marcus V

    Drink this every night before bed. Tastes like a strawberry milkshake and smooth digestion with no bloating.

  7. Joshua A

    That TASTIEST protein period!! So delicious drink it everyday as my meal replacement and absolutely love it!

  8. Heidi P

    I’ve tried many meal replacement shakes and casein edge is now my go to. Many shakes I’ve tried before either made me feel bloated or the flavor tasted like cardboard. I got absolutely no gas or bloating with casein edge and it tastes like a desert. Worth every penny!

  9. Lance M

    Came with my stack and I really liked it! Never had a protein before with strawberry pieces and tasted like a strawberry milkshake. Also love the added velositol to help shuttle carbs great product!

  10. Jenny W

    I can’t stand watery protein drinks so I appreciated the thick milkshake texture in Casein Edge. I really enjoy the strawberry flavor and it does suppress my appetite and sugar cravings like it’s advertised. Something I need!!

  11. Richard Y

    Amazing taste and very smooth! Just like a strawberry milkshake. Rich decadent flavor and no gas or bloating. Two thumbs up!!

  12. Connie L

    Tastes really good and keeps me full without any gas or bloating unlike most other brands I’ve tried!

  13. Adrian T

    Great protein product and flavor but I thought it was overly sweet. Adding extra water or milk did help IMO

  14. Kelly P

    I used Casein Edge as a meal replacement and it’s helped me lose just under 15 pounds! It did a great job keeping me full and I can actually enjoy this drink since the flavor is so amazing!!!

  15. Tom G

    Wow best tasting protein I’ve tried, ever! Really does taste like a strawberry milkshake and no issues with gas or bloating. Will keep using for sure!

  16. Maria F

    Love the taste and great macros. Never get sick of drinking my casein edge!

  17. Nancy R

    I’ve been using Casein Edge for over a year. It’s helped with my weight loss and I trust the ingredients since it’s doctor made. This product also is very yummy and the strawberry pieces I absolutely love!

  18. Vicky C

    My protein favorite!! Tastes like a strawberry milkshake but without the guilt.. Does a great job keeping me full and I’m always craving it!

  19. Thomas A

    I’m new to casein protein, but after reading on its benefits (as well as using Casein Edge for about two weeks), I’m a new believer! I’ve been using Casein Edge right before bedtime on hard lifting and cardio days. The slow-releasing protein formula has helped with satiety cravings late at night as well as mitigating the muscle soreness I’ve been having after these workouts. Try the Strawberry Shortcake powder with a mixture of BOTH water and milk to get a rich, milkshake consistency and taste. Highly recommended for those that want to get that extra edge in their post-workout game (no pun intended)!

  20. Laura I

    My favorite product from the stack!! Really enjoyed drinking this protein, very tasty and mixed and digested smoothly. Also helped with my sugar cravings

  21. Erin K

    Have ordered casein edge multiple times. Love this flavor and really does a great job keeping me full during the day!

  22. Jess B

    Came with my stack and this product was the main reason I purchased after hearing about it from one of my work friends. It did not disappoint! No bloating whatsoever and helped with my weight loss goals as a meal replacement. Being delicious was an added bonus. Already ordered again!

  23. Chris L

    Never had a protein like this my life. It’s like drinking a desert lol. Mixes well and smooth digestibility as well. Big win!

  24. Angela T

    Drink this daily as a meal replacement. Flavor is delicious and the macros are on point.

  25. Maria R

    OBSESSED!! Tastes just like a strawberry milkshake plus the freeze dried strawberries. I literarily drink this everyday and will keep ordering!

  26. Brian T

    So glad casein edge is back in stock! One of my favorite LionEdge products and I think it tastes even better than before!!

  27. Crystal C

    Love!! Have ordered this product several times and it’s tastes and works really well!

  28. Katie F

    Got this with my stack and loved it! Great flavor and kept me full throughout the day

  29. Melanie A

    Soo so good!! Never had freeze dried strawberries in a protein! Also Did a great job keeping me full as a meal replacement.

  30. Jay V

    Lived up to the hype! This flavor is epic!!

  31. Natalie J

    Really enjoyed this product. Loved the freeze dried strawberries and milkshake texture. Will definitely continue to use!

  32. Sammy A

    Tasted fantastic and helped curb my appetite and sweet tooth. Works really well as a meal replacement. My only complain is it was a little too thick for my taste but it is the first time I’ve tried casein..

  33. Amy

    This is perfect for my post-workout morning smoothie. I add almond mild and frozen berries and take it with me on my morning commute. It keeps me full and tastes amazing. (I love that it’s low sugar too!)

  34. Angela J

    Loved this! Tastes like a strawberry milkshake and helped with my sugar cravings!

  35. Will T

    Best strawberry flavor product I’ve ever tried, the freeze dried strawberries are a real game changer!

  36. Jen L

    Probably my favorite lionedge product! The flavor is amazing and casein edge has really helped with my weight loss goals. I like to mix with half water and half almond milk. Soooo delicious!

  37. Max R

    My new favorite protein BEST flavor hands down can’t get enough of it!! Keeps me full for breakfast and also drink it daily before bed.

  38. Kate E

    tasted great but hoping it would mix a little better. It did mix better when adding some 2% milk

  39. Sean F

    Was actually most excited to try this product with my stack purchase and it did not dissapoint! Milkshake consistency and one of the best flavored proteins I’ve ever tasted.

  40. Nancy P

    Love love love this product. Best keto friendly meal replacement I’ve tried yet!

  41. Vinny H

    Best tasting protein I’ve ever had! Tastes like a strawberry milk shake but without all the junk and sugar!

  42. Liz R

    The best taste and best macros I’ve ever had in a protein shake! Helped with my weight loss goals and will keep using Casein Edge!

  43. Tanner

    Love this, mixes pretty well and tastes just like strawberry milk when mixed with milk.

  44. Ross P

    Great flavor and no digestion issues. Will continue using this product

  45. Ben T

    BEST flavor I’ve had for any protein. Always look forward to having it and keeps me nice and full between meals without any bloating.

  46. Max L

    Got this product with the stack and might be my favorite! The flavor is so amazing, I even make pancakes with the casein edge and it’s amazing!

  47. Jessica N

    My favorite protein. Smells and tastes amazing and crave it all day!

  48. Phil B

    Have been using this product for 3 months and absolutely love it! No bloating, much improved recovery and it’s tastes like a dessert masterpiece!

  49. Andrea P

    Lost over 12 lbs since starting!! Really helped keep me full during the day and the flavor is out of this world!

  50. Christopher V

    Great quality and flavor, just a little too thick for my taste

  51. Will F

    Use every night before bed with great results. Helped me cut some fat and gain some quality mass. Taste is phenomenal too

  52. Amy T

    Probably my favorite Lionedge product. Will continue to use to help with my cravings and shed more pounds. I also absolutely love the flavor!

  53. Jill W

    Keeps me full throughout the day and love the taste! Perfect for my Keto diet!

  54. Bill D

    My wife and I have been using this together and will be purshasing again. We both loved the taste and Casein Edge for sure helped with our weight loss goals!

  55. Jeff W

    Was really excited to try the casein edge with my total solution stack and it did not disappoint! Tasted like a strawberry ice cream shake and the strawberry pieces were a nice touch. Love that it’s keto friendly with only 1g sugar, very impressive!

  56. Suzy L

    Helped with my sweets cravings and flavor was great. Was a little too thick for my taste though but helped when I mixed with more water.

  57. Tim L

    Probably my favorite product in the total solution stack! Tasted amazing (even better with some milk) and kept me full. A phenomenal product to use when cutting!

  58. Phil F

    Tastes like strawberry ice cream, love that it’s only 1g sugar. My favorite casein that I’ve tried yet.

  59. Susan W

    So I had to shed some pounds for a wedding and Casein Edge helped BIG TIME! I don’t respond well to caffeine and stimulants so I was intrigued with this product. I drank once daily for lunch (sometimes breakfast) and it kept me full most the day! And if you like strawberries, you will LOVE this shake so delicious! I was able to lose 12 lbs (with exercise of course) in just over 3 weeks and didn’t have any stomach upset. LOVE this product and I’ve spread the word!!

  60. Jay M

    No digestion issues like most proteins I’ve tried. Really enjoyed the taste and mixed great. Noticed faster recovery times as well. 5/5 no doubt

  61. Kate G

    Tastes fantastic! I even love the smell. Keeps me full throughout the day and helped me shed some pounds. will be using Casein Edge daily!

  62. Chris J

    Amazing taste and macros on point. Perfect for keto diet. Keeps me full and digested well.

  63. Jeff L

    Really does taste like strawberry ice cream which was surprising. Tasted even better when adding some milk to the water. Even though it’s thick, I didn’t notice any bloating which is a big plus.

  64. Lauren H

    Creamy and tasty, tastes like strawberry ice cream! Keeps me full and cuts my appetite which has helped with my weight loss goals. Highly recommend!!!

  65. Kevin L

    Best tasting casein I’ve ever tried. Very clutch for my fasting days and sugar cravings and amazing macros!

  66. Brian C

    Favorite flavor of all time! The strawberry pieces are a great touch. Super lean and clean protein with top notch taste!

  67. Mallory P

    My new go to meal replacement. Very lean, keeps me full and surprisingly tasted great. Love that it’s only 1 gram of sugar! Easier to lose weight with this since it actually keeps me full!

  68. Jen and Adam L

    So delicious! Tastiest protein we’ve ever had! We drink it daily and never get sick of it!

  69. Katie H

    Most of the meal replacement shakes I’ve tried had a good among of carbs and don’t really keep me full. The fact that casein Edge only has 4g carbs and keeps me full most of the day is huge! And it tastes soooo good. Satisfies my sweet tooth!!

  70. Roger J

    Mixes great and tastes amazing! Even my wife loves Casein Edge and she usually hates protein drinks!

  71. Rich K

    I’ve had several different casein products and Casein Edge is my new go to. Mixes and tastes a lot better than the other caseins I’ve tried. I prefer it with milk since it’s thick

  72. Shane R

    Everything about casein edge is phenomenal, from the transparent label, the macros, the recovery and the AMAZING taste. Definitely my new go to protein before I sleep!

  73. Nancy P

    Just finished my first tub of Casein Edge and I’ve lost just under 10 lbs! This keeps me full for many hours and it tastes phenomenal!

  74. Kelly T

    Super yummy and keeps me full. For that reason alone, casein Edge has helped me lose weight! Glad I found this on Facebook!

  75. Kelly T

    Super yummy and keeps me full. For that reason alone, casein Edge has helped me lose weight! Glad I found this on Facebook!

  76. Kyle J

    Best casein I’ve ever tasted. It’s thick like most the caseins I’ve had but it has a great creamy taste and the strawberry pieces is an added bonus! Looking forward to more flavors

  77. Molly

    I’m in love with Casein Edge! Love the real strawberries. The perfect meal replacement that kills all my sugar cravings and only 1 gram of sugar!

  78. Matthew

    I purchased the total solution stack and Casein Edge did not dissapoint! This strawberry shortcake ice cream is the best flavor ever. No clumping and the strawberry pieces are amazing! Kills my sugar cravings. The perfect meal replacement!

Casein Edge reviews

78 Reviews

Get lean. Stay sexy.

Stop risking your health with weight loss stimulants! Lose weight long term the safe and effective way with Casein EDGE. Our 8 hour sustained release protein helps to keep you full, increase your metabolism and curb your appetite and sugar cravings.


8 Hour Sustained Amino Acid Delivery

Casein Edge is a game changing ultra-premium cold-processed Micellar Casein Isolate that delivers 24g of high-quality anti-catabolic protein for sustained amino acid release to feed your muscles for up to 8 hours. After fasting (or sleeping) for 6-8 hours, the body starts going into a catabolic state. Micellar casein slowly and continuously feeds your muscles a steady supply of muscle-building essential amino acids for several hours, which helps maintain a positive nitrogen balance and prevents muscle protein breakdown. This makes Casein Edge ideal for nighttime or prolonged periods throughout the day without protein.


Superior Recovery & Fat Loss

Velositol® is a patented, revolutionary ingredient, that when used with protein is designed to accelerate and DOUBLE muscle protein synthesis (MPS), a key to enhanced muscle growth, lean body mass, and quicker muscle recovery. When added to protein, Velositol’s novel combination of highly soluble, non-GMO amylopectin, and patented chromium increases muscle cell sensitivity to insulin. By increasing insulin sensitivity, carbohydrates are shuttled into muscle cells rather than being stored as fat. This will help promote increased fat loss and a leaner physique. When combined with Casein Edge, this highly anabolic and anti-catabolic formula promotes a muscle building and fat burning environment for longer periods of time!

Best In Class Taste!

Not only did LionEdge Nutrition create the highest quality and most bioavailable Micellar Casein protein, we took it to the next level by formulating the best tasting protein on the market with non-clumping milk-shake texture and industry first strawberry shortcake ice cream flavor with REAL freeze dried strawberry pieces! It will feel like a cheat meal every time but without all the calories and fat! Prepare your taste buds for this gourmet tasting treat!


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