LionEdge Resistance Bands

(15 customer reviews)


  • 100% eco-friendly latex
  • 3x resistance
  • Premium quality and style
  • Anti-slip / anti-roll design
  • Durable and comfy
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15 reviews for LionEdge Resistance Bands

  1. Avatar

    Angela F

    Came free with my order and have been using almost daily ever since!

  2. Avatar

    Chris L

    Sturdy and good quality

  3. Avatar

    Stephanie A

    One of the better bands I’ve tried. Has really come in handy during this tough times..

  4. Avatar

    Ricky Q

    These bands are strong AF! Have used regularly for months and hasn’t snapped on me yet lol

  5. Avatar

    Beth N

    Not as thick as I expected but pretty good resistance and quality

  6. Avatar

    Matt B

    Have been using for months and hasn’t snapped on me yet!!

  7. Avatar

    Katie F

    Got the band with my stack and have been using these bands since

  8. Avatar

    Melanie A

    Great quality! Have been using for my glutes and feeling the burn!

  9. Avatar

    Sandra L

    Awesome bands with great resistance

  10. Avatar

    Natalie J

    No rolling whatsoever and pretty sturdy.

  11. Avatar

    Anna P

    Great quality have been using daily

  12. Avatar

    Jess L

    Love these bands!!

  13. Avatar

    Emily R

    Received with my Bcaa order and I love it! Have been using regularly with no issues!

  14. Avatar

    Lauren P

    Love my lionedge band! Hoping for more colors!

  15. Avatar

    Beth K

    Great quality and design, no issues with rolling and been using daily!

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Unmatched Quality

Your new secret weapon. LionEdge resistance bands are like no other! Our goal was to not only create the sexiest bands but also the thickest, strongest, most durable bands ever. LionEdge bands are made from 100% eco-friendly latex that is free of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) making our bands softer on the skin and more comfortable and durable.

3X Resistance, Anti slide/roll

LionEdge bands Will NOT roll up or slide during workouts! Our bands are made with thick, sturdy, superior latex with 3X the resistance of your traditional bands. Carefully designed so there's no reduction in elasticity after repeated use. This means you will NOT have to worry about ripped/broken bands and will NEVER have to replace them!

Slim, Sculpt & Tone

Designed to be a comprehensive full body exercise tool for all skill levels. Helps shape a beautiful figure by activating and engaging your core to burn fat and build lean muscle with an endless variety of exercises, including your core, abs, chest, arms, butt and legs! Perfect for squats, kickbacks, thrusts and hip abductor movements.


Lightweight, portable, convenient and durable. Whether it's in the gym, home, office, outdoors or on-the-go, you can train anywhere at any time you want. There is nothing that can keep you back from reaching your fitness goals!


Perfect for rehabilitation by increasing range of motion and improving stability and flexibility without putting stress on your joints like weights do. Also great for chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and improving overall functionality in acute injuries for athletes.

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