Discover the Health Benefits of Curcumin

The health benefits of circumin (aka turmeric) are endless. You may have heard of it, smelled it or even eaten it. Curry is not only a popular and tasty spice; it offers a multitude of health benefits, including digestion, absorption and even muscle/joint recovery due to its potent anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin is the natural active […]

BioPerine, Absorption & Bioavailability

Did you know that as low as 5-20% of the nutrients you orally ingest from food or supplements will enter your systemic circulation? Why you may ask? The reason for this is first-pass metabolism. This refers to the metabolic breakdown of a drug/supplement whereby the concentration and bioavailability of the substance ingested is greatly reduced […]

Bromelain and Joint Pain

Bromelain belongs to a group of natural protein digesting enzymes obtained from the core or stem of pineapple. Included in both Post Edge and Joint Edge Rx, bromelain is a safe and natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic for patients or athletes suffering from arthritis and joint pain. If that’s not enough, this “superfood” has also shined […]

More Gains With Betaine

You may hear the term “superfood” being thrown around for foods that provide a multitude of health benefits. Perhaps the mother of all superfoods is a unique organic vitamin and amino acid that occurs in plants. No, it’s not Popeye’s spinach. What the sailorman should have been eating is beets! Betaine Anhydrous, also known as […]

Skinny Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza Recipe

Are you actively trying to lose weight but also love indulging in pizza? Who doesn’t?! One of the challenges of dieting properly and losing weight is finding healthy recipes that don’t taste like cardboard. One effective method I’ve found to positively reinforce weight loss in my clinic patients is to provide them delicious and simple […]

Shrimp and Cholesterol

Did you know that these decapod scavengers may help you live longer if you have underlying coronary artery disease or risk factors for heart disease? How, you may ask? Three simple letters: HDL. Shrimp, historically, has gotten a bad reputation for increasing your cholesterol. I actually have borderline high cholesterol and eat shrimp on the […]