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5 Immunity Boosting Hacks

By Dr. Adam Rajoulh, MD | Nov 16, 2021

Winter is here. That means colder weather and more sickness. But not to worry… There are a few easy steps you can take to supercharge your immune system and equip your body for the weather change! Here are 5 effective ways to help boost your immune system during these winter months. 1. Eat whole foods…

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Better Sleep, Better Figure

By Dr. Jarrell NeSmith, DO | Jun 29, 2021
Better Sleep, Better Figure

Did you know that simply having a proper sleep hygiene can help promote your cognitive function and immunity, boost fat loss and muscle gains and help improve your mood, performance and overall health! Below are some of the current sleep hygiene recommendations from the National Sleep Foundation.    Limit daytime naps to less than 30 minutes.…

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How Sleep Can Save Your Life

By Dr. Adam Rajoulh, MD | May 6, 2021

Updated: May 6, 2021 You’re exercising daily. You’re reading all your labels. You’ve fine tuned your diet. You’re even doing cardio! However, you’re just not meeting your weight loss goals. Or maybe you’ve just plateaued with your bodybuilding and performance goals. Did you know that one of the most important and often overlooked reasons you…

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9 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress

By Dr. Adam Rajoulh, MD | May 15, 2019

It’s time to finally defeat the #1 proxy killer disease – stress! In our last blog, we covered how stress has become a public health crisis in America and how stress wreaks havoc on your hormones and overall health. Here is the good news! The MOST important thing to remember about stress is YOU are…

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How Stress Kills You

By Dr. Adam Rajoulh, MD | May 1, 2019

Did you know that stress has been recognized as the #1 proxy killer disease today? During this past decade, chronic stress has become a public health crisis. Over 50% of Americans (some references cite up to 80%) are under chronic stress. The American Medical Association has noted that stress is the basic cause of more than…

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Fighting Inflammation with Ginger

By Dr. Jarrell NeSmith, DO | Mar 18, 2019

You love adding ginger to your meats or veggies but did you know that your favorite spice is also a natural “pain killer?” The spice ginger is the natural root of the ginger plant, known botanically as Zingiber officinale, used in many countries as a spice and condiment to add flavor to food. What most…

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