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  • #1 Doctor Recommended
  • Enhance Immunity, Joint Health & Digestion/Absorption
  • Synergistic Ingredients Supported By More Than 65 Studies
  • Prescription Grade, Fast Acting

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60 capsules

Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 capsules Servings Per Container: 30
Active Ingredients Amt/Serving % DV
Vitamin C (as absorbic acid) 150 mg 167%
Zinc (as zinc amino acid chelate) 5 mg 45%
Selenium (as selenium aspartate) 55 mcg 100%
Kre-Celazine® (Kre-Alkalyn® bonded to esterified fatty acids) 500 mg
Turmeric extract (Standardized to 90% curcuminoids) 325 mg
Ginger root powder 50 mg
Bromelain 25 mg
Bioperine® (black pepper extract) 20 mg

✝ Percent Daily Value "DV" Not Established.

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Capsule (vegetable cellulose), maltodextrin, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.

Product Label

Inflammation Rx Product Label


SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, take two (2) capsules daily before a meal with water.


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66 reviews for Inflammation Rx

  1. Alexander L

    I’ve been dealing with chronic gout for years and sometimes my joints and toes swell up like balloons during my flare ups. I’ve been taking prescription medicine for quite some time but decided to give this a try after hearing about it and reading all the positive reviews and getting an ok from my doctor to use it. I can say it worked wonders for me and have less pain and even swelling during my flare ups!

  2. Russell O

    Worth every penny guys! HUGE difference when taking Inflammation Rx. At first I thought it was placebo but again noticed less joint aches and faster recovery times when I started using again.

  3. Maria B

    Helps with my indigestion and especially my bloating which I usually have after my meals but since using inflammation rx i don’t have these issues anymore.

  4. Brenda C

    Suffer from chronic knee pain in both knees for decades and I also have IBS. Ive tried almost everything and this product has really helped for both of these issues. I love that it’s all natural vegan and made by doctors. I even told my family doctor about it and she’s also referred it to some of her patients!

  5. Trevor A

    Really helped with my shoulder pain from a bike injury I had months ago!

  6. Eugene V

    Some improvement in my chronic joint aches with this product.

  7. Donald T

    Third time ordering and still working great for my chronic knee pain and arthritis

  8. Gary W

    Less joint pain since using Inflammation RX. At first I was convinced it was a placebo effect but I knew that wasn’t the case after I ran out of the pills..

  9. Janice F

    Amazing product really helped with my tendinitis and works fast!!

  10. William A

    Tried this product with the “immunity stack” after a work colleague told me about it. I’ve had arthritis for years and I’ve had less aches overall since using inflammation rx without the stomach upset I occasionally get from NSAIDS. Very satisfied

  11. Noah B

    Huge difference since using inflammation rx. Went from chronic knee pain to running almost daily! I can really tell the difference when I don’t take this product.

  12. Jim S

    Use this daily religiously and feel much better overall.

  13. Dawn J

    My husband and I (in our late 60’s), both started taking this – taking one pill a day (half dose). My husband has been receiving shoulder injections every 6 mos. for inflammation/pain, etc. He actually was able to delay the next appt. We credit “Inflammation RX”. Our gut health seems more in check and we aren’t as stiff and achy when we wake up. Thank you LionEdge !!

  14. Sharon N

    Great product. I like that all the ingredients and dosages are listed out and fully transparent. Have been using daily for the vitamin c and zinc immunity boost and knees feel a little better from the anti inflammatory herbals.

  15. Jill A

    This product has really worked well for me I could tell within the first week. Less soreness after running and just feel better overall since I’ve started using

  16. Connie M

    I’ve been ordering inflammation RX monthly for me and my husband it actually works as advertised for the both of us and will be lifelong customers!

  17. Sam V

    Great product less joint pain and aches since starting with no side effects whatsoever

  18. Bill W

    Have been feeling a lot better after my workouts since starting inflammation rx. I’ve even noticed less digestion issues. Being vegan is a plus too very pleased

  19. Kristin T

    Phenomenal supplement! I could tell the difference after using inflammation rx. Less joint pain and could workout and run more than ever!

  20. Nicole P

    Second run and haven’t gotten sick yet. Less aches and feel better overall since using

  21. Vicky C

    Smoother digestion and less muscle and joint aches. Very pleased with this product!

  22. Tom L

    Awesome product!! Like that the dosages are listed out and that it’s a vegan product. Could feel the difference in my back pain after I ran out of these pills. Just placed my order!

  23. Michelle B

    Has become one of my go to daily regimes.. Not only for the immunity boost but I’ve noticeably have had less knee pains and bloating since starting this product.

  24. Raymond D

    Inflammation Rx is the best natural anti-inflammatory I’ve ever tried!

  25. Sal R

    Noticeably less knee and elbow pains. I’ve had arthritis and tendinitis for years and this product has been working very well for me. Nice to cut down the nsaids!

  26. Crystal T

    Came with my stack and worked very well for me! Less pains and aches after my HIIT workouts and less gas issues since starting

  27. Erin K

    Works as advertised. I’ve had less joint pain, especially after running since starting this product. Have also noticed less bloating. The immunity boost and the fact it’s vegan is a big plus too!

  28. Jacob Z

    I don’t really have joint pain but was more interested in the Immunity and gut health benefits. I’ve noticed smoother digestion and less bloating since starting. will be trying the proteins next!

  29. Jess B

    One of my favorite products from the stack. Not just because of the immunity benefits but helped with my recovery (I’m an avid runner with chronic knee pain) but my digestion seemed to be better as well! Also like the fact that all the ingredient dosages are on the label and it’s vegan!!

  30. Angela F

    Could really feel the difference in my joints in just a few weeks. I just feel better overall while using this and will be ordering again

  31. Phil Y

    Less joint Pain and stiffness since using.

  32. Jack B

    Great product. Works as advertised and will continue to use for my joint pain

  33. Sally B

    Been using this product for 3 months and feel a world of difference! I’m not having to use nsaids anymore and my joints have been feeling great!

  34. Ruth Z

    Great product. Helped with my knee and wrist pains. Will continue to use

  35. Alex T

    I’ve used quite a few joint supplements over the years and joint edge has worked the best by far. I could tell the difference in my usual aches in just days and it has continued to hellp!

  36. Brian T

    Has been helping with my aches and able to push through my workouts longer, great product

  37. Jerry R

    Worked great for me less knee pain and better recovery times after workouts

  38. Mary G

    Has helped with my chronic aches and pains in my knees. No noticeable side effects. Will continue to use

  39. Max L

    Definitely could feel a BIG difference before and after my workouts after starting joint edge. Soreness wasn’t as big of an issue and my body didn’t feel nearly as beat down after workouts.

  40. Greg C

    This stuff really works!! Not only less joint pain but even improvement in my flexibility and overall strength. Very Impressed!

  41. Maggie P

    I’ve been suffering with lupus for almost 15 years. Since starting joint edge, I haven’t had as much joint pain and swelling. Will keep using for now

  42. Ken B

    Less knee and elbow pains. I just feel better overall since starting and even noticed less headaches and wife thinks better mood!

  43. Kristen F

    On my third bottle and my friends who I told to use this also had great results. I stand behind this product!

  44. James L

    Could feel a difference in my joint pain within just week of use and just felt better overall while using this product

  45. Kevin P

    less inflammation and joint pain since starting great product!!

  46. Tim L

    This Joint Edge RX is the real deal. I could feel a noticeable difference after using this product for a couple weeks, especially on my workout days!

  47. Benjamin W

    I’ve had shitty painful joints for as long as I remember. I was very surprised with how well Joint Edge worked and it didn’t seem to wear off.

  48. Henry J

    Could feel the difference in my joints in just a couple weeks. no side effects that I noticed. Will for sure continue to use.

  49. Jess M

    Got the Joint Edge Rx with the Total Solution Stack. This stuff really works and it works fast! Impressive formula!

  50. Larry W

    Faster Recovery, less joint pain and even better digestion. Phenomenal supplement!

  51. Max H

    Big difference in my joint pains since starting Joint Edge. Legit ingredients and legit product!

  52. Megan L

    I’m doing rehab for a torn meniscus and joint edge has worked wonders. I can tell a big difference from before and after starting the pills which means it actually works!

  53. Christian G

    Noticeable difference in my knees and elbows in just a couple weeks. Very happy with the results

  54. Patrick L

    I’ve had less pain and swelling in all of my problem joints since start joint edge. No side effects that I’ve noticed. Will continue using and highly recommend

  55. Pat M.

    Less knee and foot pain and swelling since started 3 mos. ago. No more meds or glucosamine. Recommend.

  56. Michael J

    These bad boys make a world of difference for my joint aches and stiffness. Little spicy aftertaste, probably from the Curcumin but still worth the money imo

  57. Jennifer C

    I could surprisingly feel less muscle and joint pain in just days of using Joint Edge Rx! Very impressed with the results I got

  58. Jose H

    I’ve been doing CrossFit and suffering joint pain for years. I’ve been using Joint Edge for a couple months and let’s just say, I’m never going back. Phenomenal product!

  59. Katie W

    Joint Edge is freakin amazing!! Has helped so much with my joint pain and has allowed me to get the most out of my workouts!

  60. Frank B

    Thought this product was too good to be true but you guys proved me wrong. Stocking up on Joint Edge and telling all my fellow CrossFitters!

  61. Todd L

    finished my first bottle yesterday and I’m very impressed. Really helped with my tenditnitis and just felt better overall while being on Joint Edge. After reading the science behind it, I wasn’t all that surprised with the results!

  62. Mark D

    I’ve had joint issues for decades and tried almost everything. Joint Edge Rx has made such a huge difference in my recovery and day to day activities. It even helped with my gut health! Great work guys!!

  63. David

    Can honestly say this product has proven me wrong. Was skeptical at first and now a total believer. Has truly helped me with pain and aches, have tired other products but none have work to this caliber!!!!! Truly surprised!!!

  64. Sarah K

    Works so much better than the other joint health supplements I’ve tried and believe me, I’ve tried them all… So glad I found this!

  65. Brad J

    I’ve been taking Joint Edge for just over a month and I must say, I’m a believer! Not only has this helped with my knee pain and stiffness but even my flexibility. Well done LionEdge!

  66. Ben W

    I’ve had chronic joint pain for years and Joint Edge helped immensely. Even my orthopedic doctor was impressed with this product and started using it! Already ordered a few more for myself and friends!

Inflammation RX reviews

66 Reviews




Are you tired from the aches, pain and stiffness from sore joints and muscles? The ingredients in INFLAMMATION Rx have been clinically shown to help reduce inflammation, muscle pain and soreness as well as joint pain and stiffness, allowing you to recover faster and to workout longer and stronger. Stop the pain today so you can enjoy more flexibility and mobility and get back to the daily activities you love!

In patients with chronic arthritis, whether it is degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis) or autoimmune arthritis (Rheumatoid, Lupus, Gout, Psoriasis, etc), INFLAMMATION Rx may serve as an effective and natural adjunct treatment in addition to your prescribed medications.*




Did you know that over 75% of your immune system is in your gut? This formula will help optimize your body’s immunity and total wellness from the inside out by promoting smooth, optimal daily digestion and efficient nutrition absorption.



INFLAMMATION Rx is fortified with vitamin C and zinc to help prevent sickness, reduce the severity of illness and to help promote recuperation. While there are countless immune boosters on the market,  vitamin C and zinc are the most supported by research and are even used in treatment for coronavirus patients in many hospitals nationwide. You will also have a natural boost in antioxidants to fight free radicals and detoxification to help strengthen you immune function.




It’s one thing to consume nutrients, it’s another for your body to effecively absorb and use them. In fact, as low as 5-20% of the nutrients you orally ingest from food or supplements will enter your systemic circulation. BioPerine® is the only patented piperine from black pepper extract to have undergone several clinical studies in the U.S. to substantiate its safety and efficacy. Bioavailability of Curcumin when co-administered with 20mg BioPerine® is enhanced by 20-fold or 2000% compared to bioavailability of Curcumin alone, vitamin C by 52% and Selenium by 43%.


Physician Formulated


Physician formulated and backed by over 10 board certified, practicing physicians, the 8 fully disclosed ingredients in INFLAMMATION Rx are maximally and clinically dosed to work synergistically together for the best results possible. Supplement with confidence knowing that every ingredient selected by our team of healthcare professionals are carefully dosed for safety and effectiveness. INFLAMMATION Rx is the result of unparalleled science, research and strict quality control standards that makes us stand apart from the competition.


Vegan Friendly


Made with non-GMO vegan friendly ingredients, this powerful natural formula can help plant based dieters combat bloating, gas, and indigestion which can sometimes accompany vegan diets.


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