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Raspberry Rose, Sour Mango Peach Rings, Wild Cherry Cola

Supplement Facts

Raspberry Rose

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 14 grams (1 heaping scoop)
Servings Per Container: 30

Active Ingredients Amount/Serving % DV
Sodium (as sodium phosphate and sodium bicarbonate) 483mg 21%
Potassium (as potassium phosphate) 45mg 1%
Magnesium (as magnesium phosphate) 13mg 3%
AminoZorb® (Enzymatic buffered Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine 2:1:1) 5000mg
Leucine (Fermented) 2.5g
Isoleucine (Fermented) 1.25g
Valine (Fermented) 1.25g
MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis) Accelerator Velositol® (Amylopectin/Chromium)



**Percent Daily Values are based on 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
✝ Daily Value Not Established

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Citric acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Silicon dioxide, Sucralose, and Acesulfame potassium.

Sour Mango Peach Rings
Wild Cherry Cola

Product Label

Raspberry Rose

Sour Mango Peach Rings
Wild Cherry Cola

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128 reviews for BCAA Edge

  1. Ricky L

    Still can’t believe this is a vegan product! None of that chalkboard earthy taste. The peach mango BCAA EDGE kind of reminded me of Hi-C but even better! I would sip on it during and after workouts and noticed it helped with my recovery very cool product!

  2. Gary H

    The cherry cola flavor is next level I pretty much have it with all my meals since it’s refreshing and helps burn off carbs with velositol a safe ingredient I’m a BIG fan of!

  3. Jonathan A

    Have ordered both the sour mango peach and cherry cola multiple times. Both flavors are unique and delicious and helped with muscle soreness after my workouts.

  4. Brenda V

    OBSESSED!! It’s not cloud 9, it’s cloud 33! Can’t get enough of my mango peach rings BCAA Edge!!

  5. Kate C

    I’ve purchased the mango peach rings flavor multiple times and keep ordering. It’s amazing and I’m addicted!

  6. Peter Y

    Flavors good and mixed well overall

  7. Alexandra I

    Went vegan about 3 months ago and am I glad I found this! Delicious and love that there’s no sugar or dyes!!

  8. Oscar J

    Really cool these aminos include velositol to help shuttle carbs to help burn fat! I haven’t seen that in any amino products. My girlfriend and I both really enjoyed the peach rings flavor and I’ve also heard good things about the cherry cola Bcaa Edge so will be trying that next !!

  9. Gerald O

    I’ve tried every flavor of BCAA EDGE and each flavor is unique and delicious. Helps me recover and gives me energy without all the stimulants.

  10. Bruce K

    The peach rings legit tastes like the peach rings Soooo good!

  11. Carter T

    Probably the best quality bcaa I’ve got my hands on with the two patented ingredients and flavor is super yummy!

  12. Mitchell O

    Didn’t think this would actually taste like cherry cola but Lionedge proved me wrong!! Just earned a new customer.

  13. Miranda B

    First time trying the cherry cola and I really liked it. Not too carbonated and not to sweet. I also like that it’s vegan with 0 sugars and calories!

  14. Brenda S

    Perfect substitute for my sodas and juices and like that is vegan and gluten free also tastes very yummy

  15. Tony C

    Heard about BCAA Edge from a friend who’s hooked on this stuff and I can see why. Mixes very well and the flavor is really good!

  16. Trevor A

    Tastes just like the peachy rings candy! Drank with meals and helped me refuel while I sipped during my workouts. Will be purchasing again

  17. Javier D

    Best tasting amino I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried dozens of brands!!

  18. Adrian L

    I’ve tried both the cherry cola and mango rings flavors and enjoyed both!

  19. Jennifer G

    A little too sweet for my taste but overall a good clean product

  20. Heidi P

    My favorite product from the female stack! Loved the peach rings flavor and looking forward to trying cherry cola next. Drank it with my meals and helped me power through my workouts.

  21. Bryce D

    Surprisingly tasted very close to cherry cola soda but not as carbonated. Very refreshing and just the right amount of sweetness.

  22. Christopher N

    That cherry cola hits different! Just the right amount of cherry flavor and fizz. I drink it multiple times a day!

  23. Rosalinda W

    I am obsessed with this peachy flavor I crave this everyday it’s very delicious

  24. Yvette R

    Very yummy and mixed great will order again

  25. Kate C

    I’ve tried every BCAA Edge flavor. Hard to say which one is my favorite I’ve enjoyed every single one. All are super refreshing and mix very well, great quality just like their protein powders!

  26. Clarence G

    Mixes well and tastes great!

  27. Harold B

    Helped with my recovery and Mixed well and tasted great!

  28. Jess L

    I’ve ordered the cherry cola BCAA EDGE several times now and can’t get enough so tasty and satisfying!

  29. Alex S

    Addicted to the peach rings BCAAs! On my third order and counting!

  30. Evan S

    One of the best tasting aminos I’ve tried especially for being vegan!

  31. Frank N

    The peach mango rings is delicious. Mixes very well and I like the added velositol to help shuttle carbs and help with my fat loss goals well done LionEdge!

  32. Ryan F

    The peach rings really does taste like the candy. It’s delicious and one of the best flavored aminos ive ever had..

  33. Sharon M

    The cherry cola flavor is great, usually have it with my meals. Also Love the transparent clean label with no sugar and no artificial dyes or fillers.

  34. Angela Y

    The raspberry rose was a little too sweet for my taste but I still enjoyed it and still tastes pretty good for a vegan product. Would’ve preferred less sweet but will try the other flavors

  35. Brit W

    Cherry cola is amazing! BEST vegan product I’ve ever tried

  36. Stacy B

    I’ve tried and enjoyed every bcaa edge flavor. My favorite is the peach rings really hope you guys restock soon!!

  37. Luke R

    Have ordered both the rose and cherry cola so far and both flavors are top notch! Mixes really well like their proteins and like the fact it doesn’t have any artificial dyes or fillers like many aminos ive had in the past. Never going back!

  38. John T

    Hands down my new favorite vegan product. Most of the vegan supps I’ve tried taste bitter or like grass but this cherry cola amino tastes like the real thing!!

  39. Heather P

    Second time ordering the rose flavor very yummy and refreshing and even tastes good as an alcohol mixer!

  40. Chris L

    The cherry cola is super addicting! Very refreshing

  41. Jose D

    Love the carbonation in cherry cola and rose! Tastes like your drinking a soda but without the sugar and calories but with the aminos for gains! Will be trying the peach rings next..

  42. Jen Y

    Second time ordering the raspberry rose, my new favorite vegan aminos can’t get enough!

  43. Kristin T

    My new favorite supplement!! Really does taste like cherry cola. Tastes amazing for being vegan and sugar free!

  44. Terry K

    Incredible taste! I just tried the Wild Cherry Cola flavor and it’s probably the best tasting BCAA I’ve ever tried. I usually stick to fruit punch or snow cone flavors but this has got me hooked. Thanks LionEdge!

  45. Vicky C

    I’ve heard about this raspberry rose flavor before and very glad I finally gave it a try! Very refreshing and even works well as a mixer with adult beverages!

  46. Brian A

    Peach rings is bomb!!!

  47. Laura I

    Nice to find a vegan amino substitute. Didn’t really enjoy the other aminos I’ve tried nearly as much as this cherry cola flavor sooo good!!

  48. Kevin C

    Best tasting supp I’ve ever tried!! Legit tastes like cherry Coca Cola just like their advertising. My 3rd time ordering..

  49. Michelle B

    This peach rings flavor really tasted like the candy! Mixed very well with no grittiness and enjoyable to drink.

  50. Stella S

    I’ve been vegan for almost 4 years and have been supplementing with vegan products for over 3. This product is BY FAR the yummiest vegan product I’ve tried. I’ve tried the peach rings and rose. Now can you PLEASEEEEE make a vegan protein! Thanksss

  51. Cassandra Q

    Really liked the raspberry rose flavor it’s delicious. Great product and looking forward to trying other flavors!!

  52. Erin K

    I’ve tried every flavor and have enjoyed every single one! I know taste is always very subjective but I would have to say the cherry cola is my favorite. Love that all flavors are dye and sugar free and vegan!

  53. Derick J

    Just finished both the peach rings and cherry cola flavors, both flavors were delicious. I think liked the cherry cola a little more but both mixed well with no grittiness and no bloating.

  54. Jess B

    Got the cherry cola with my stack and loved it! Look forward to trying the raspberry rose next..

  55. Chris L

    Literally drank the wild cherry cola everyday. Sometimes several times. It’s thatt good! Will be getting again

  56. Angela T

    This raspberry rose Bcaa is hands down my new favorite vegan product, sooooo good! Looking forward to trying the other flavors.

  57. Alex K

    Tried both the cherry cola and peach rings flavor and both were epic! would have peach rings with my breakfast and cherry cola with my lunch or dinner. I usually get sick of flavors after a couple weeks but both kept me coming back for more, amazing flavors!

  58. Cory M

    I’ve been vegan for almost a year and have had trouble finding vegan products that taste good. First time I’ve tried this brand and was a little skeptical about their flavoring claims. Let’s just say I’m now a believer and future customer.. Very impressed with the quality and flavoring of this supplement!

  59. Katie V

    Just finished my tub of wild cherry cola and it was freakin AMAZING!! Stocking up on this flavor when it’s back in stock!

  60. Irene O

    Purchased the raspberry rose and cherry cola. Both were delicious, not too sweet and carbonation is just right. Nice to know it’s also vegan with no dyes or sugar. Will be purchasing again

  61. Ben P

    Glad I was able to snag the cherry cola before it sold out. EPIC flavor!! U guys are killing it!

  62. Maria L

    Bought both the peach rings and the cherry cola and loved them both! Mixed well and tasted fantastic! I think I liked the cherry cola a little more but the peach rings was pretty amazing too…

  63. Travis N

    The cherry cola is sooooo good tastes like the real thing! Even a bigger fan of this brand now

  64. Dan R

    The wild cherry cola lived up to the hype. Best flavored supp I’ve ever tried, especially for a vegan supp!

  65. Beth W

    I drink the rose daily and love it!

  66. Tom B

    Got the peach rings just before it sold out. Mixes great and the flavor is superb!

  67. John A

    Had to try this rose flavor and don’t regret it. Tastes delicious will order again

  68. Anna J

    ROSE all day! Tastes sooo good. Drink it with almost all my meals. Look forward to trying the other flavors!

  69. Mel W

    Loved the peach rings flavor! Very refreshing and vegan sourced is a big win!

  70. Katie F

    Got the raspberry rose with my lean stack and I loved it! Very refreshing and not too sweet

  71. Melanie A

    Have tried both the rose and peach rings flavors and love both! Definitely the best tasting vegan bcaas that I’ve tried!

  72. Sandra L

    Obsessed with the peach rings!! Best flavor I’ve ever tried!

  73. Natalie J

    Really enjoyed the rose flavor, tasted much better than other vegan supps I’ve tried. Looking forward to trying the peach rings next!

  74. Anna P

    Love my raspberry Rosé tastes amazingg and helped me shed some fat even though it’s not a fat burner!

  75. Jess L

    BEST tasting vegan supplement I’ve tried by far!! Delicious and clean product. Already placed another order for this amazing Rose flavor!

  76. Johnny F

    The raspberry rose didn’t really taste like rose in my opinion. I don’t think that’s actually a bad thing and really liked this flavor a lot. Mixes great and a very clean product. Will be ordering again

  77. Kristin H

    Obsessed with this rose Bcaa! So refreshing and the flavor is soooo good!

  78. Emily R

    Reordering the raspberry rose! Amazing flavor and just the right amount of carbonation. Also mixes well and very refreshing!

  79. Max G

    Really enjoyed the cherry cola. Looking forward to trying the Peach rings next when it’s back in stock

  80. Steph V

    Really does taste like the peach rings candy! Best tasting Bcaa I’ve had and doesn’t even have any sugar!

  81. Jason N

    Taste just like cherry cola minus the carbonation! Mixes great too

  82. Beth K

    I only use vegan supplements and the cherry cola Bcaa is my new favorite! Amazing taste and helpedd with my recovery!

  83. Will T

    These Peach rings are next level! Already made another purchase order

  84. Ben F

    Just finished the cherry cola Bcaa and will be purchasing again. Definitely one of the tasting Bcaas I’ve ever used!

  85. Sandra A

    This cherry cola flavor is amazing! I like that it’s not carbonated and not overly sweet. Been hearing good things about the peach rings flavor, look forward to trying that next!

  86. Brad Y

    Second time purchasing, love both flavors!

  87. Jen L

    Pleasantly surprised how good the cherry cola flavor was considering its vegan and sugar free. A little sweeter then I expected but still loved it overall

  88. Nick S

    Unbelievable flavor. I feel like I’m back in my childhood home eating those rings! Just started using, but already feel a difference!

  89. Colton Y

    Peach rings flavor is awesome! Drink it daily

  90. Trevor K

    love both flavors! Tastiest vegan supplement I’ve had in awhile very enjoyable to just sip on.

  91. Brian L

    Vegan and phenomenal flavor what’s not to love!

  92. Sean F

    These peach rings Bcaas are next level! They really do taste like the gummies

  93. Nancy P

    Got the cherry cola flavor with my stack and have been drinking it daily since. I love the taste, especially for a vegan product!

  94. Vinny H

    Both flavors are top notch! If I had to pick one I would go with wild cherry cola.

  95. Ross P

    Great taste and mixability. Will continue using

  96. Joey R

    I drink the cherry cola flavor daily, with meals and during workouts. I absolutely love this flavor and the fact that it’s vegan!

  97. Crystal B

    My boyfriend and I are addicted to the mango peach rings BCAA EDGE. We drink it everyday with meals and workouts. Fantastic vegan product!

  98. Phil J

    I’ve tried both flavors and hard to pick which one I love more. Both flavors are bomb and it mixes pretty well. My new go to Bcaa!

  99. Max L

    Just finished my peach rings Bcaa edge and will be ordering again. I love the taste and the fact it’s a clean, sugar free vegan product!

  100. Angelica S

    I’m addicted to the cherry cola BCAA’s.
    Loving the flavor and the feeling after my workouts. Leaves me craving more all the time!!

  101. Katie F

    Most vegan supps I’ve tried taste subpar at best. That all changed when I tried cherry cola Bcaa edge. Love the taste and being sugar free is a huge win too!

  102. Sean A

    I really liked the cherry cola flavor but for some reason thought it would be carbonated

  103. Greg K

    The sour peach rings are bomb! The best tasting bcaas I’ve ever had!

  104. Amy P

    I love both flavors. Smells, mixes, tastes and works amazing!!

  105. Steve C

    Wild cherry cola BCAA Edge has become my favorite thing to drink. That and scotch.. Amazing taste and mixed very well!

  106. Mary T

    Really enjoyed the wild cherry cola flavor. I liked that it wasn’t carbonated and being plant based is a big win! Look forward to trying the peach rings next

  107. Alex T

    I have the sour mango peach rings with every meal. That’s how much I love the taste!

  108. Jeff W

    Tried the cherry cola bcaa edge with my total solution stack and I LOVED the flavor. Drank it multiple times daily and never got sick of it. Mixed great also

  109. Brian H

    Just finished off the peach mango rings flavor and will purchase again. Clean product that mixed great and I love the taste.

  110. Jillian T

    I really enjoyed both flavors! Never knew bcaas were made from bird feathers and human hair if not vegan. So disgusiting!

  111. Mark W

    Addicted to the wild cherry cola BCAA Edge! Drink it daily with meals and pre workout. Love this stuff

  112. Jess M

    Received the sour mango peach rings BCAAs with the stack and I loved them! Reminded me of my favorite childhood candy and helped me push through my workouts!

  113. Aaron P

    Used the cherry cola BCAA Edge pre and post workouts and loved it. Better recovery and it really did smell and taste like a cherry coke! (Minus the carbonation)

  114. Jose L

    These BCAA Edge sour mango peach rings are bomb!! Very refreshing, my new favorite bcaas!

  115. Becca W

    Tastiest bcaas i’ve had. Awesome that they are vegan too!!

  116. Kate L

    I’ve tried and loved both flavors. Nice to know it’s also filler and sugar free!

  117. Terry W

    Mixes well and tastes amazing! Look forward to trying the cherry cola bcaa edge next!

  118. Alex G

    I’m super picky with flavors and get stomach upset with a lot of bcaa products. I’m happy to say that I haven’t had any GI issues with bcaa Edge and both flavors are amazing! Also love that it’s vegan!

  119. Liz S

    LOVE the sour mango peach rings!! I drink it with all my meals. Great flavor and the bcaa being vegan and sugar free is a big plus!

  120. Kevin H

    Enjoyed both flavors. Usually use intraworkout and with meals, helped with my soda and sweet tooth addiction!

  121. Jessica G

    My workout recovery time has been less since starting bcaa edge. The cola flavor is definitely addicting! Look forward to trying the sour peach rings next

  122. Dan L

    I’ve tried a few different vegan bcaas and bcaa Edge has become my favorite! Both flavors taste amazing and the added velositol and the fact that it’s sugar free is a huge plus!

  123. Sean W

    Best quality bcaa I’ve had. Hard to say which BCAA Edge flavor I liked more! Vegan power!!

  124. David W

    I already tried the peach rings flavor and really liked it and I just finished the cherry cola bcaa and I think I like that one even more! I sip on it through the day. Mixes well and tastes so damn good on a hot day with ice!!

  125. Brian W.

    I drink this stuff all day. Mixes well and taste great. Also nice to know it’s not coming from bird feathers and animal fur!

  126. Megan

    I tried the cherry cola BCAA Edge and it’s amazing! Love that it’s vegan and non-carbonated. Mixed very well and helped me with my recovery. Love this product!

  127. Stephanie P.

    I was excited to try BCAA Edge being that there aren’t too many good vegan bcaas around. I loved the sour mango peach rings! Reminded me of my childhood! Mixed easily and very refreshing. This will be my new go to!

  128. Matthew

    I purchased the total solution stack and abosoutely love these vegan bcaas! The best tasting bcaa’s I’ve ever had!!

BCAA EDGE reviews

128 Reviews

100% Vegan Aminos

Unfortunately, most BCAA (branched chain amino acids) products are cheap, synthetic versions made from duck feathers and human hair. Our BCAAs are 100% vegetable based and manufactured through natural fermentation. That's how we can guarantee we have the finest, most pure BCAA on the market. This process is significantly more expensive but we prefer not to feed our customers duck feathers and human hair.

  • No Duck Feathers
  • No Human Hair

Superior Absorption

Most aminos are not water soluble, float on aqueous surfaces and degrade after being subjected to stomach acid. The patented, pH-buffering technology behind AminoZorb® in BCAA Edge makes it fully stable in solution allowing it to dissolve rapidly and completely in water.

That means you get more bang for your buck with every single serving...and you don't have to deal with clumpy or gritty shakes.

Superior Fat Loss

BCAA Edge also includes Velositol®, a patented, revolutionary ingredient which increases insulin sensitivity for enhanced amino acid uptake into muscle. When used with BCAAs, Velositol® increases muscle protein synthesis (MPS) by 25%. MPS is key to enhanced muscle growth, lean body mass and quicker muscle recovery. By increasing insulin sensitivity, carbohydrates are shuttled into muscle cells rather than being stored as fat. This will help promote increased fat loss and a leaner physique.

BCAA Edge Velositol Graph

Superior Recovery

BCAA Edge is also fortified with electrolytes for hydration and optimal performance. For athletes who demand the very best, BCAA Edge is the obvious choice.

Best In Class Taste!

Not only did LionEdge Nutrition® create the highest quality and most bioavailable BCAA, we took it to the next level by formulating the most soluble and best tasting BCAA on the market with 0g sugar, 0g carbs and 0 calories!