Women’s Lean Sexy Stack

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Sleep Rx

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Includes: BCAA Edge, Casein Edge, Sleep Rx

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Exceed your fitness goals with the most safe, effective and trusted sports nutrition supplements from our bioavailable protein powders to our vegan aminos and prescription grade anti-inflammatory! Start your fitness transformation TODAY and BE THE LION!


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Raspberry Rose, Sour Mango Peach Rings, Wild Cherry Cola

Sleep Rx


60 capsules

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17 reviews for Women’s Lean Sexy Stack

  1. Heidi P

    The inflammation rx worked great for my tennis elbow and I absolutely loved the casein and peach rings aminos. Both mixed and tasted amazing! Already placed another order.

  2. Jenny W

    So excited I tried LionEdge and their lean stack!! Along with diet and exercise I’ve lost 17 lbs in just over a month! The stack definitely helped with my fat loss goals. The Casein Edge tasted amazing and helped suppress my appetite in between meals. I also made sure to drink the BCAA Edge with all my meals to help shuttle the carbs. I just placed another order and glad I gave this brand and encourage anyone trying to lose weight to do the same!

  3. Shelly N

    Just finished my stack and never going back!
    Casein edge – excellent flavor and kept me full without any bloating. Loved this protein
    Cola bcaa edge – mixed very well and really enjoyed with my meals. Tastes just like cherry cola!
    Inflammation rx – less digestion issues and muscle aches since starting. I was impressed with this product the most!
    Already recommend this stack to a few of my friends very happy overall with LIONEDGE products!!

  4. Maria F

    I’ve tried many supplements and LionEdge has become my favorite!! Great taste and quality and helped me with my fitness goals!

  5. Kristin T

    The casein and cherry cola Bcaa flavors were very yummy and mixed well! I could tell the difference after using inflammation rx. Less joint pain and could workout and run more than ever!

  6. Vicky C

    Very pleased with my first experience with this brand. I trust the formulas and the flavors were delicious. Have already referred to a few friends and will continue to use myself!!

  7. Laura I

    The casein was easy in on my stomach and the freeze dried strawberries are amazing! I loved the cherry cola Bcaa as well. Both of the products really helped with my sugar cravings for sure. Helped me exceed my weight loss target and noticed much better recovery times since starting the inflammation rx. Will continue to use as a repeat customer..

  8. Erin K

    This is actually my second time ordering this stack. The powders taste great and love the Inflammation pills as well. Both the peach rings and cherry cola Bcaas were amazing! Especially for being vegan!!

  9. Jess B

    Fantastic flavors and mixability with no bloating issues which I’ve had with other brands. I really like the transparency of the products. Both the casein and cherry cola Bcaa tasted great and helped with my recovery and weight loss goals. I really like my new mask too!!

  10. Angela F

    Love love love all the supps! Taste great and the anti inflammatory pills really helped with my joint pain. I’ve become a big fan of this brand. Even the customer service is great!

  11. Heidi T

    Quote impressed with the quality and flavoring of these supplements. Everything mixed well and no bloating or digestion issues. The Raspberry rose Bcaa is hands down my new favorite vegan product!

  12. Beth N

    LOVED the peach rings Bcaas! Highly recommend all the supps I’ve tried thus far..

  13. Crystal C

    Very pleased with my results. I’m obsessed with the casein and have ordered it many times!

  14. Katie F

    Enjoyed the flavors and they actually worked! Will be ordering gain

  15. Melanie A

    Great taste and quality! The casein with the strawberry pieces is my favorite. I’ve also been using the booty band daily and still going sturdy

  16. Sandra L

    Amazing products and flavors!

  17. Natalie J

    The strawberry casein and rose Bcaas both tasted phenomenal! Mixed well with no digestion issues and Helped with my recovery and weight loss goals.

Women's Lean Sexy stack reviews

17 Reviews


Stop risking your health with weight loss stimulants. Lose weight long term the safe AND effective way with our physician formulated Women’s Lean Sexy Stack!

Both BCAA Edge and Casein Edge include Velositol® which is a patented, revolutionary ingredient designed to accelerate and DOUBLE muscle protein synthesis (MPS), a key to enhanced lean muscle and quicker muscle recovery. By increasing insulin sensitivity, carbohydrates are shuttled into muscle cells rather than being stored as fat. This will help promote increased fat loss and a leaner physique.


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