Women’s Lean Sexy Stack

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Includes: BCAA Edge, Casein Edge, Joint Edge Rx

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Exceed your fitness goals with the most safe, effective and trusted sports nutrition supplements from our bioavailable protein powders to our vegan BCAAs and prescription grade anti-inflammatory! Start your fitness transformation TODAY and BE THE LION!


5 reviews for Women’s Lean Sexy Stack

  1. Avatar

    Crystal C

    Very pleased with my results. I’m obsessed with the casein and have ordered it many times!

  2. Avatar

    Katie F

    Enjoyed the flavors and they actually worked! Will be ordering gain

  3. Avatar

    Melanie A

    Great taste and quality! The casein with the strawberry pieces is my favorite. I’ve also been using the booty band daily and still going sturdy

  4. Avatar

    Sandra L

    Amazing products and flavors!

  5. Avatar

    Natalie J

    The strawberry casein and rose Bcaas both tasted phenomenal! Mixed well with no digestion issues and Helped with my recovery and weight loss goals.

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Stop risking your health with weight loss stimulants. Lose weight long term the safe AND effective way with our physician formulated Women’s Lean Sexy Stack!

Both BCAA Edge and Casein Edge include Velositol® which is a patented, revolutionary ingredient designed to accelerate and DOUBLE muscle protein synthesis (MPS), a key to enhanced lean muscle and quicker muscle recovery. By increasing insulin sensitivity, carbohydrates are shuttled into muscle cells rather than being stored as fat. This will help promote increased fat loss and a leaner physique.


Reduce Hunger & Inflammation

Our 8 hour sustained release protein Casein Edge helps to keep you full, increase your metabolism and curb your appetite and sugar cravings!

Reduce inflammation, joint pain and recovery times while enchanting brain, gut and immune health with our prescription grade, clinically dosed Joint Edge Rx.

Weight Loss






Joint Relief


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