Physician Formulated & Approved

What does every supplement tub, bottle or container have in common? On the label, there is a statement along the lines that states “Consult a medical doctor before consuming this product” or “Consult a medical doctor if you experience any unusual symptoms.” Go ahead and take a look for yourself. It does not say consult a professional body builder, trainer, author or “fitness expert.” The reason for this - only a medical doctor is trained and qualified to make the decision if the consumer can safely ingest a supplement.

Given the above, wouldn’t it make sense if a medical doctor could actually formulate your product? Wouldn’t this give you some peace of mind? Even some of the biggest players in the supplement industry are facing lawsuits for mislabeling, protein spiking and using harmful ingredients. Not only is LionEdge Nutrition™ the only sports nutrition company that is physician owned and formulated, it is also the only supplement company that is backed by over 10 licensed practicing physicians, who are all included below.

To Healthy Training,

Adam Rajoulh, MD
CEO, LionEdge Nutrition™

LionEdge Nutrition Board Certified Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Adam Rajoulh, MD

Founder & CEO
Family Medicine Physician
Saint Agnes Medical Center
Fresno, CA
Favorite workout: Wide grip pull ups

Dr. Nadia Javaid, MD

Chief Executive Scientist
Family Medicine Physician
Avecinia Medical Center
Clovis, CA
Favorite Workout: Squats

Dr. Jarrell Nesmith, DO

Chief Executive Scientist
Family Medicine Physician, Sports Medicine Fellow
AnMed Health
Anderson, SC
Favorite Workout: Squats

Dr. Jessica Clark, DO

Family Medicine Physician
Premier Family Medicine
Greenville, SC
Favorite Workout: Deadlifts

Dr. Michael Garner, MD

UNC Medical Center
Chapel Hill, NC
Favorite Workout: Dumbbell Fly

Dr. Kathryn Hollins, MD

Family Medicine Physician
Palmetto Health/University of SC
Columbia, SC
Favorite Workout: Leg Press

Dr. Woody Hunt, MD

Internal Medicine Physician, Radiology
Nassau University Medical Center
East Meadow, NY
Favorite Workout: Wide Grip Military Press

Dr. Katelyn Inge, DO

Family Medicine Physician
Crewe Medical Center
Crewe, VA
Favorite Workout: Squats

Dr. Daniel Omire-Mayor, DO

Family Medicine Physician
Providence Hospital
Washington, D.C.
Favorite Workout: Bench Press

Dr. Tommel Samani, MD

Family Medicine Physician
Research Medical Center
Kansas City, MO
Favorite Workout: Dumbbell Chest Press

Dr. Kenneth Seymour, DO

Family Medicine Physician
Mary Black Health System
Gaffney, SC
Favorite workout: Lunges