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Our Mission

LionEdge Nutrition® is founded and owned by physicians and our formulations are overseen by over 10 practicing, boardcertified physicians. LionEdge Nutrition’s unwavering commitment to innovation and research, along with our unmatched standards for safety and quality, drive our vision to become the most trusted and respected global leaders in nutritional science.


We pride ourselves as being the most premium and scientific supplement brand on the market. All of our formulations are carefully and clinically dosed to work synergistically together, down to the cellular level. LionEdge Nutrition’s physicians, chemists and quality assurance professionals ensure all ingredients are precisely measured, blended and tested for your best results possible.

LionEdge Nutrition® supplements are proudly manufactured in All American Pharmaceutical. AAP is a renowned state-of-the-art U.S based, 150,000 square foot GMP certified & FDA-registered manufacturing research facility which has continually adhered to all FDA regulations for over 30 years. Most supplement companies withhold where their supplements are manufactured, but at LionEdge Nutrition® we are completely transparent with our consumers and will only manufacture with the best in the industry.

Our top priority as a sports nutrition company is to bring you, the consumer, quality products with ingredients you can trust. That’s why we put our money where are mouths are when it comes to testing. Nobody in the sports nutrition industry can beat our 3 phase testing. We test every ingredient and product for purity and quality as it comes into our facility, as it is being manufactured, and again before we ship it out. All raw materials are verified and tested for identity, potency, heavy metals, and microbials through random in-house and independent laboratory testing, confirming the safety, purity and potency of every ingredient utilized. An independent lab fully screens our product for banned substances down to parts-per-trillion. We demand all products fall within 2% of label claims, compared to the industry standard of 5-10%. Demand the best out of your supplements and unleash your inner lion with LionEdge Nutrition®.

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