9 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress

It’s time to finally defeat the #1 proxy killer disease – stress! In our last blog, we covered how stress has become a public health crisis in America and how stress wreaks havoc on your hormones and overall health. Here is the good news! The MOST important thing to remember about stress is YOU are in control of how you respond to stress!

Here are 9 very simple and proven methods to help reduce stress. And besides number 9, none of these methods will cost you any money!

1. Try to think POSITIVE thoughts.

This has to be number one. Mindset really is everything. While it’s very easy to think about all the negatives in your life, make a conscious effort to think of the positives, even it’s one single thing! Just like most things in life, this will be difficult initially but will get easier and easier with time and effort.

2. Cut out all of the negative people in your life. Surround yourself with people who bring positive energy. Negative people are only toxic and bring nothing to the table, certainly nothing for your mental well being!

3. Eat healthy, reduce caffeine and reduce sugar. High levels of sugar may help you feel better short term but will increase inflammation and risk of diabetes in the long run.

4. Go Outside

Sun or light therapy is proven to help with mood. There are even studies supporting a negative correlation of ADHD and time spent playing outside in adolescents. Good to start this early!

5. Volunteer

Volunteering at a hospital or soup kitchen for example will not only help you feel better by helping others but will give you perspective that people have it much worse than you. A win win scenario for someone undergoing stress.

6. Get good sleep

Make sure you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Inadequate sleep will only disrupt your hormones, mood and overall health.

7. Meditation, music and prayer have all been proven to help mood and mental well being.


This improves BOTH your mental and physical health. I cannot “STRESS” this enough!

9. Seek help from a medical professional

If all else fails, seek help from a physician, especially if you have ANY suicidal thoughts or a strong family history of mental health issues, including bipolar, anxiety or depression.

The important thing to remember about stress is that it’s normal. Your body is a vehicle designed and primed to undergo a normal physiological response to ANY type of stress. Just remember that you hold the keys to the vehicle and YOU are in control!

About Dr. Adam Rajoulh, MD

Board Certified Family Medicine Hospitalist Physician