5 Immunity Boosting Hacks

Winter is here. That means colder weather and more sickness. But not to worry… There are a few easy steps you can take to supercharge your immune system and equip your body for the weather change! Here are 5 effective ways to help boost your immune system during these winter months.

1. Eat whole foods and hydrate
2. Increase your vitamin C, D and zinc intake
3. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day
4. Exercise regularly
5. Reduce stress

Inflammation is the root of all disease and sickness. If you follow the 5 simple steps up, you will not only increase your immunity but also reduce your overall inflammation.

Due to the holidays, finances and less sun, I often see my patients struggle with #5 the most. Check out our earlier blog about “How To Reduce Stress” if you find yourself more stressed during these winter months.

One final pro tip: Did you know that adding spices to your cooking like turmeric and ginger will not only provide flavor, but both are potent anti-inflammatories with great immune boosting properties. Yes it’s true! This is exactly why both ingredients are included in our natural and vegan anti-inflammatory Inflammation Rx along with vitamin c and zinc for added immune support. This powerful and effective supplement is included in our immunity stack along with our natural and vegan mood & sleep aid, Sleep Rx. Stay safe and healthy lions!

About Dr. Adam Rajoulh, MD

Board Certified Family Medicine Hospitalist Physician